About Us

Welcome to Digital Schools

We, the digital schools company making school a digital school with robotic/ATL LABS, audio broadcasting and mobile jammers, is a part of the digital world family is on existence and known for innovation from Last 17 years on this globe and distributing technology, inspiring innovation, supporting creativity, sharing Ideas, nurturing minds, spreading knowledge and pulling out diamond out of every human being to make this earth a better living place.

Our Products

Audio Broadcasting

Making your school digital school.play music,communication in classes,digitally announce period.

Robotic/tinkering Labs

Make your school an innovation school.Get projects along with equipment’s

Mobile jammers

create a radiation free environment.

School Automation

Become the first automated school of the area.

Wireless Projectors

Direct connect with mobile/wifi (no need of pc/laptop)

Get as long as 37 years of life on our projectors.( Daily 4 hours of working)

Linguistic labs

To learn pronunciations and speak specific languages


Lets make a digital dream home

energinzing people

Make this earth a better living place